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If I were a true Christian my answer to the question: What is wrong with South Africa would be: I am!

Yes, I am what is wrong with South Africa because I have not always thought, said or done what was needed, when it was needed, and the way it was needed!

Second, I am what is wrong because I have not come out in support of the one or two, or dozens of South Africans who have spoken out or taken action when the occasion demanded.

Third, I am what is wrong because I have not challenged those in leadership when they’ve behaved like rulers who decide for “The People” what is good for them, rather than like governors who do all they can to implement what the People say they need to live a decent human life.

Fourth, I am what is wrong because I have not taken the opportunities offered to stand up for the Truth, when it was being abused and violated by those who will use any means to make themselves look good, or justify the moral shortcuts they are taking. Read the rest of this entry »


The question is almost daily on our lips: “What has happened to modern man? Why has he become so violent, so brutal in his treatment of other men, let alone his callous violation of woman, the very one in whose hands he drew his first breath and from whom he sucked his first nourishment?

It’s a question that cannot be answered without reference to today’s “in” philosophy of life – “political correctness”!

I can hear the protests already: “What! Political Correctness! What has PC got to do with male violence, brutality and callousness?” My answer is brief and pointed: “Everything”!

And this is how I justify my answer. Read the rest of this entry »

Who is Ted Rogers?

On the title page of “A Memoir” Ted Rogers is described as – a Jesuit, a Social Pioneer and an AIDS Activist?

But for me the question: “Who is Ted Rogers?” began to be answered in 1983 when I met him on the occasion of the first Plenary Assembly of the Inter-Regional Meeting of Bishops of Southern Africa (IMBISA) held at Harare, Zimbabwe. That was also my first exposure as a Bishop from South Africa to the nascent pandemic of HIV/AIDS in our Region.

A fuller answer came when Ted Rogers accepted appointment as Secretary General of IMBISA and at the same time I served on the Standing Committee as one of the representative of the Souther African Catholic Bishops’ Conference. That’s when I learned why Ted Rogers could well be described as a “A man for all those in need of a compassionate and helping hand”. Read the rest of this entry »

Regarding the hold-up at the Bishop’s Office Mariannhill, it would appear that armed men held up some staff member demanding money. When it became clear they had been misinformed, they took a laptop and some other smaller items. It does not seem the Pius himself was held up or that anyone suffered injury. We sure are being seen as soft targets! Slowly unwrapping the knobkerries and other sticks accumulated over the years. Some day they could come in handy. Who knows??? – Cardinal Wilfrid Napier via Awestruck