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by Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM

Whatever way you look at it, the shootings at Marikana in August were a great tragedy. In all it cost 46 people their lives. READ MORE

“On behalf of the Catholic Church, I offer sincere sympathy and condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the violence at Marikana and in all violence, especially that which is re-emerging in KwaZulu-Natal.” (CNS photo/Siphiwe Sibe ko, Reuters)

by Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM

When society is faced by a serious problem, the first thing it needs to do is to look for the root causes. From my own observation, from analysis by social commentators, and from what men themselves are saying, the current crisis of violence is due to men’s poor self-image, low self-esteem, and inability to function appropriately in their home and in society. READ MORE

“Consequently, men need to be brought together in a space where they can help each other to understand what has happened to them, what they can and must do to rediscover meaning and purpose in life.”

By Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM

The question is almost daily on our lips: “What has happened to modern man?” Why has he become so violent, so brutal in his treatment of other men, let alone his callous violation of woman, the very one in whose hands he drew his first breath and from whom he sucked his first nourishment? READ MORE

Men at prayer. In the first of his monthly column, Cardinal Napier argues that men should not be blamed for all the ills in the world. (Photo: Paul Haring, CNS)